Thursday, March 06, 2008

He Was An Uninhibited Arkansas Rock'n'Roller

I was on a train yesterday and I was reading through a national newspaper's obituary pages and saw a piece about the recently deceased guitarist Jeff Healey when I happened to glance down underneath the article only to find another obituary on Bobby Lee Trammell who had died on 20th February 2008 aged 74.

Bobby Lee is the type of musician who will always have a special place here at 'Spunky Onions'. So in respect to his recent passing here are three songs from this flamboyant rock'n'roll singer and later respected member of the Arkansas State legislature. He was most famous for hits 'Shirley Lee' in 1957 on Fabor Records and later on the song 'New Dance In France'. He started in Rockabilly but moved in Country music in the 70's and then in Arkansas in 1997 he was elected to the state house of representatives. His original stage act was once described as 'downright vulgar' and he once broke his wrist leaping onto, but not off of a piano !

Bobby Lee Trammell - You Mostest Girl (1961)

Bobby Lee Trammell - Arkansas Twist (1962)

Bobby Lee Trammell - Mayonnaise (1966)

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