Friday, February 08, 2008

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

Beer can be found in almost any modern society and was certainly found to be drunk by some famous ancient civilisations as well. I know it has it's detractors but when beer tastes good it's pretty hard to beat. Plenty of songs have been written on the subject but in general the world of Hillbilly and old Country & Western always hits the mark on the subject of 'the brew'.

I begin by dipping once again into the 8 CD Box Set of early Nashville Country Music with Allen Flatt & The Night Owls. Following on is Ray Price's old frontman from Kentucky, Ray Sanders who had a hit with his track in 1969 but who had debuted on the Grand Old Opry in 1959. Coming on strong in third from Texas is William McCon 'Tooter' Boatman with his Rockabilly sound and who originally recorded with The Chapparals, the 'Rockin' CD is a collection of tracks from the previous LP releases of his material on the White Label . Last but not least we get to Roy 'Smiley' Maxedon who was originally from Illinois but recorded in Hollywood with The Okah Valley Boys between 1951-1954.

Smiley Maxedon - Give Me A Red Hot Mama And An Ice Cold Beer (From A Hillbilly Voice Like Dynamite)

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