Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spunky Onions Music Idol 2008 Auditions Part One

Apparently there is an 'Idol' franchise consisting of two major shows 'Pop Idol' & 'American Idol'.

Apparently a music executive called Simon Cowell is on the judges panel on both of these shows.

Apparently the shows are watched by millions every week and in fact over 36 million watched the 2006 American Idol finale.

Well Mister Simon Cowell imagine you are a guest judge on our brand new Internet show 'Spunky Onions Music Idol 2008' - what's your opinion on these wonderfully talented but completely 'barking mad' Rock & Roll artistes - come on what is your opinion Simon ??

Dorse Lewis - Mexican Twist (From the comp. Rock & Roll Orgy Vol 2)

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