Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just For Once Forget The Turkey

I know that a lot of music blogs may be concentrating on Christmas and also celebrating the life and death of Ike Turner but as usual I thought I would be slightly more obtuse and concentrate on posting four songs that reflect the classic dish only found in London, England known as pie, mash, liquor and eels. For many years it was the favoured cheap meal of working class Londoners but like many other things in life the pie & mash shops have now disappeared until only a few shops still remain open across the capital, so get out there and find 'em. Obviously I have used some artistic licence for these tracks as the pies are meat not chicken. Liquor in this case is a parsley sauce not a drink and I have used cockney rhyming slang to substitute Banana Peels for Eels. I could have used a track by the artist Mark Everett aka 'Eels' but that was not the point.

Ken Jones - Chicken Pie (From the comp. Twistin' Rumble ! No 2)

King Khan & His Shrines - The Mashed Potato Itch (From 'Three Hairs And You're Mine')

Reverend Horton Heat - Liquor, Beer & Wine (From 'Liqour In The Front')

Johnny Otis - Banana Peels (From the comp. Return Of Mod Jazz)

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