Friday, February 16, 2007

A Broken Heart And A Glass Of Beer

I know very little about Hoyt Scoggins but what I have found out is that he was born in 1927 and he was a disc jockey on WCGA in Calhoun, Ga in 1956 which was the exact same year that Starday Records released his single with 'Why Did We Fall In Love' as the B-Side. Starday Records started in Beaumont, Texas in 1952. As a slight aside Beaumont by the way is the only place in the world where I have had a gun pointed directly at me but that's another story ! Owned by Harold W. 'Pappy' Daily and Jack Starnes Starday is best known as the place where George Jones recorded his first record under the epithet 'Thumper'. You can find Hoyt's track on the Ace Records CD 'Rockabilly Shakeout'.

Hoyt Scoggins - Tennessee Rock


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