Monday, February 12, 2007

Let The Heartaches Begin

It is time for me to dip into the fabled world of 'Northern Soul' so join me in dancing the night away at the Wigan Casino with our baggy pants, sweat patches and amphetamines. The Wigan Casino was famous for a long period of time for it's soul all-nighters and inside it was also home to serious soul record collectors and I'm sure today's track would have been a stone cold favourite. In fact it does often appear in Top 500 lists of Northern Soul tracks. It was an A-Side on Tay Records and it is a piece of stompin' rare Detroit soul. Other than paying a fortune on eBay for the original you can find it on either of these two compilation CD's. Disc 1 on 'The Golden Age of Northern Soul' and on the Hallmark Box Set 'Northern Soul Originals'.

The Brooks Brothers - Lookin' For A Woman

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