Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lookout For The Soggy Doughnut

I know it's a cliche when people say the phrase 'they don't make records like that anymore' but when you listen hard to this track the phrase makes complete sense. You just wouldn't hear any of today's musical superstars attempt to make a record in this style or find any badly produced celebrity karaoke/makeover shows that would touch a song like this and to me that makes me want to hear it even more. You can find Cousin Herbert on the LP 'Desperate Rock & Roll Vol 1' and it was originally released in 1958 on Tally Records from Bakersfield, California.

Cousin Herbert Henson - Lose My Mind


rockin'n'rollin' said...

Hi Doctor, I'm seeking for "You'll come" by herb Henson, do you know?

Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Hi Rockin'N'Rollin'
How Come Y'All Come ??
I don't have this track myself but you can find it on the following link
Double Up And Catch Up - Hillbilly Bop & Boogie

Reverend Frost said...

oh boy I love this one.
How you been bro? - yes, I can call you bro! :)

Rock & Roll Doctor said...

I've been pretty good and it's good to see you back on line I will have a mention for STGW in my next post !
Good to hear from you bro !