Thursday, March 01, 2007

Don't Bow to Pier Pressure

I'm back after a self-imposed Blog break !
So today I have returned with two tremendous instrumentals. First off the starting grid is a track from the 2003 Sundazed Records CD (SC1128) 'Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar - Cheater Stomp'. In my honest opinion the best version of 'Shortnin' Bread' is by The Readymen but this track comes a good close second.

I am also dipping once again into Norton Records ' Shout ! Northwest Killers Vol 2 1964-1964' for the second instrumental which is another recording by Kearney Barton who has been featured previously . Hailing from the North West of the USA this band were aka The Incredible Kings Men. This also allows me to give a mention to the website of the Reverend Frost whose 'Spread The Good Word' is now back and pumping out great music once again . Incidentally The Rev has already featured 'The Limp' back in Sept 2005.

The Incredible Kings - The Limp