Monday, December 29, 2008

There's A Story In Your Voice

Well it's been a very long time and I've missed wishing everyone a Happy Christmas but I am in time to say Happy New Year and even though this is the time of year to make resolutions and plans to change your life, I can't promise I will still be keeping 'Spunky Onions' going in 2009 I shall endeavour to do my best and probably post on a monthly basis.

Of course as every year ends many people have left us and so these songs are dedicated to these individuals who maybe in a very subconscious way may have had an indirect influence on this blog and are those who I can remember !!

Bo Diddley, Paul Newman, Reg Varney, Oliver Postgate, Isaac Hayes, Jack Douglas, Ronnie Drew and dear Jean Baldry R.I.P

Nat Robertson & Guitar - Country Boy (From Stompin' 26)

Cecil McCullough - Pick 'Em Up & Shake 'Em Down (From 10 Years In Texas)

Don Eee - Stop At The Hop (From Ten Long Fingers)

Duke Dickson & The Jivin' Five - Walking Shoes (From Rebel Rock a Billy Rock)

The Dirtbombs - The Thing (From Ultraglide In Black)


Anonymous said...

welcome back, and really hope you can at least keep a little bit of your inspiring blog alive this year, in this time of take-downs & shit we're losin' too much worhwhile reading & dare i say listening, bought shitloads after seeing 'em on here, don't wanna lose the best; dunno if you do requests but barrence, levi or deke dickerson would be cool some day. keep up the good work dude.

Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Thanks Matt your comments are much appreciated I will put some Barrence on the blog next time around I've seen him live a few times and he was always sensational.
Happy New Year