Monday, June 30, 2008

You Can't Ride My Train

Once again I seem to feel like be apologising for the gaps between my posts but this time I'm not as I've been on holiday and as everyone knows even a Rock & Roll Doctor needs a break now and again. I recently had a request to post the 'Train Songs' from the Spunky Onions continuous rolling tape but I decided against that but I thought that I would add some songs with 'a train' in the title.

Not much information today other than you can find both Arlie Miller and Tommy Sena on Buffalo Bop's Rock-A-Billy Choo Choo compilation or Tommy's track can be found on the Collector Records College Hop release. Rollie' s track was a hit in 1955 and is found on a Mr Maestro Records compilation and finally Gene Norman is on Rock 'N' Roll Orgy Vol 2.

Plus I think my three year anniversary of publishing Spunky Onions is coming up in July so my next post will be some stormin', stompin' favourites with no 'theme' at all !


Arlie Miller - Big Black Train (From Rock-A-Billy Choo Choo)

Tommy Sena & The Valcounts - Choo Choo Train (From College Hop)

Rollie McGill - There Goes That Train (From Bring Back Those Doo-Wops)

Gene Norman - Night train (From Rock 'N' Roll Orgy Vol 2)

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