Friday, January 11, 2008

Over At The Big Ranch

Well here are two different versions of the same song. Let's start in Oklahoma with Gene Autry 'The Singing Cowboy' who began performing in 1928 and was the man who created the 'Cowboy Code' which has no similarities at all to the 'Green Cross Code' which I learnt as my own personal mantra as a child.
I follow Gene with New York's R&B blasters 'The Raunch Hands' who released the 6 song EP 'El Rauncho Grande' on Relativity Records in 1985. Their last LP was 'Have A Swig' in 1990 but they have re-formed recently to produce a new album titled 'Big Topp' on Licorice Tree records.

Gene Autry - El Rancho Grande

The Raunch Hands - El Rauncho Grande

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