Monday, May 28, 2007

The First Time Next Time

It's raining today in the real world but should that stop me from feeling good, not really. So how better to celebrate my personal feel good factor then to 're-up' this post from 23/10/2006.
Dale Wright (real name Dale Riffe from Middleton, Ohio) was a teenage disc jockey who recorded for the same label as Lonnie Mack namely Cincinnati's Fraternity Records. This track appears on yet another superb re-issue compilation CD from the great UK based Ace Records label, let's all enjoy that good feeling.

Dale Wright - That's Show Biz


PhantomOfTheRadio said...

I love that tune so much !
"That's shooowwww biiiizzzz kid !"
Thanks for sharing all these great artists and songs. I have discovered lots of great music here on Spunky Onions.
keep the good stuff going on !

cheers !

Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Thanks Phantom
It feels good to be appreciated !