Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Hillbilly's Deck Of Cards

People have opinions, that's a fact. When it comes to music many people have views on what's good and what's crap. Music magazines often publish lists of the top 100 albums ever recorded or maybe even the top 100 live shows sometimes they try to tell us the top 100 vocalists etc etc. In the end it's all subjective and the point I'm really trying to reach here is that I believe the no vinyl, cd or mp3 collection can be fully complete without a Hank Williams track or collection of tracks. This belter comes from the 4 CD Proper Records compilation 'Hillbilly Hero' from 2002. It usually retails in the good mid-price range for box-sets so go out and purchase it after the end of the song, I know you will.

Hank Williams - I Watched My Dream World Crumble Like Clay

Simon Crum - Bop Cat Bop

Simon Crum was the alter ego of Ferlin Husky, who created him in the mid-'50s as an outlet for his novelty songs, which were always popular in country music. Husky was a skillful imitator, capable of doing anybody from Elvis to Ernest Tubb. Again this track comes from a 2002 release this time by Collectors Choice Music.

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Roger said...

Thanks for turning me on to some great sounds.