Sunday, March 25, 2007

You Better Dig It

I don't know anything about this track other than I found it on a 1987 LP from Cornball Records 'Sin Alley Vol 3 - Shake, Shake, Shake It Baby'. It's also apparently on 'Stompin' Vol 13' go find it !

Johnny Duke & The Volcanos - Oh Oh Mojo

Now today's second track is a bonus and it's definitely one of my favourite country honky-tonk tracks. The quality is not perfect as I recorded the mp.3 from a tape I had lying around. The couple were more famous for their version of 'Don't Let me Crossover' but to me it's a classic.

Carl & Pearl Butler - Sundown In Nashville


Rob Hutten said...

Hmmm... don't wanna be picky or ungrateful, but the links are dead...

Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Checked again my links are working and I can hear these through the wonders of the net on my PC. Please try again !
The R&RD