Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 Means Security Through Obscurity

A Happy New Year to everyone and I hope to provide another host of wonderful sounds for you all to enjoy over the coming 12 months. Today we dip into the fantastic 9 CD Box Set ' The Complete Stax / Volt Singles (1959-1968) released in 1991. Not to be confused with the much more famous soul singer Arthur Conley, Prince Conley was a popular Blues singer in the Memphis Area who recorded for the local Satellite Records label and they released his single in 1961. The track was a B-Side to 'All The Way'. Satellite Records became better known worldwide when the label changed it's name to Stax in 1962.

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colleen said...

i just stumbled upon yr blog -- i love it! keep up the good work :) xo c