Friday, December 29, 2006

The Men With The Twisted Lips

This superb track can be found on the 'Ready Sect Go !' LP on Vinyl Japan Records from 2000. This was the second release from one of the great collaborations of our times, as Twickenham's legendary 60's garage pioneers The Downliners Sect met with Chatham's Thee Headcoats. The Downliners Sect were among England's foremost rhythm and blues groups, their most prolific period being the years from 1964 to 1966. As is often the case, they were denied the sort of success they deserved. Fans of raw, vital R&B now revere them and their original recordings can still fetch high sums between record collectors. In the late 90's they teamed up with a group of R'n'B mainstays (including one Mr. Billy Childish), wearing ludicrous headgear, with a Milkshakes and Mighty Caesars pedigree who as The Buff Medways still wow eccentric garage-heads at venues all over Europe, USA and in Japan. Thee Headcoats kicked at the same locked doors as the Downliners Sect had before them but they are and always will be 'Deerstalking Men'.

Thee Headcoats Sect - Knight Of The Baskervilles

Thee Headcoats Sect
Don Craine - guitar, vocals
Keith Grant - bass, vocals
Billy Childish - lead guitar
Johnny Johnson - harp
Bruce Brand - drums and percussion

The Downliners Sect

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