Sunday, December 17, 2006

Where Is My Robotic Boot ?

Twinkle, twinkle little star well no actually just Twink !. The Fairies were a English R&B Band from Colchester who released a few sides for Decca in the mid 60's led by John Charles Alder who would later be better known as Twink of The Pink Fairies. This track was a B-Side from 1964 and can be found on the Hunter Record label's 2005 CD release ' Decca Originals Vol One'.

The Fairies - Anytime At All

The second track has a bit more history as Arvee Allens was actually Ritchie Valens who recorded this instrumental on Del-Fi records in 1958 but did not use his own name at that time. It is in some quarters regarded as the first 'Surf Guitar' instrumental and Ritchie released it on Guest Star Records under his own name just before his untimely death in January 1959.


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Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Of course you can - please feel free to ad Spunky Onions to your site.

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