Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rockin' In My Knees

Hello, well I won't mention the word Christmas and have decided not to post any 'Xmasy' tracks. I shall leave this to many of the other super music blogs out there in cyberspace. As we all know it's a very busy time of the year and even the Rock & Roll Doctor is no exception so posts may be a bit limited over the coming week or so. Anyway it's Larry Storch time and today we have a track from his Roulette Records recording from 1957. Larry was mostly known for his role as Corporal Randolph Agarn in the US 60's comedy series 'F-Troop' but he also found time to make a few singles. This track can be found on either 'Desperate Rock & Roll Volume 13' or on the brilliant 84 track - 3 CD Box Set 'The Roulette Story'

Larry Storch - I'm Walkin'

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Anonymous said...

Good Choice, Xmass is trivial. I hate this xmass-mania.