Monday, September 11, 2006

The Big Voice From New York

Born in North Carolina in 1931 Sidney 'Guitar Crusher' Selby is a somewhat forgotten figure in the world of R&B but although his recorded output has been slightly limited over his long career he has made some great records. Today's track was the B-Side to the 1962 Betlehem Records release 'Itch With Me' and was credited to Guitar Crusher & The Houserocking Mellotones. It is more easily available on the Crypt Records compilation CD ' Talkin' Trash ! - Lookey Dookey- 78 minutes Of Non-Stop R'n'B Romp'n'Stomp 1956 - 1964'

Guitar Crusher - The Monkey


Michel LeGrisbi said...

rompin stompers! may be interested in my blog, I've started posting music

mister anchovy said...

Hey, I know Lookey that stuff!