Friday, August 11, 2006

Good Guys Don't Wear White (The Double Shuffle No 4)

Today is a double dose of late 1970's British R&B or Pub Rock as it was often called at the time. First up meet The Count Bishops, their Speedball EP was released in 1975 and has just been re-issued as Speedball Plus 11 on Ace Records. They later changed their name losing the Count beginning and becoming just 'The Bishops'. The group had disbanded by 1979. Guitarist Zenon De Fleur was killed in a car crash and fellow guitarist Johnny Guitar went on to join Doctor Feelgood to replace the underated John 'Gypie' Mayo.

The Count Bishops - Beautiful Delilah

The Inmates - The Walk
Making their debut at the Hope & Anchor Pub, Islington, London in 1978 The Inmates burst on the R&B scene with their single 'Dirty Water' on Radar Records a London version of The Standells 60's garage classic written by their producer Ed Cobb. The Inmates were fronted by a powerful, soulful vocalist named Bill Hurley and songwriter guitarist Peter Gunn. The single was an instant success and 'The Walk' was their follow up single in 1979. They continued into the early 90's where they found further success across the channel in France.

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Traitor Vic said...

Beautiful Stuff!!!

Thanks for poppin' in over at, and linkin', The Tuna Melt. I'm amazed I've never been here before. It's a Wonderland! I'm seriously diggin' "The Itch" and "Beautiful Delilah" right this moment!