Saturday, October 04, 2008

One Monkey Can't Stop The Show

Looking at some of my favourite music blogs I can see quite a lot of my fellow 'Bloggers' are finding it harder and harder to find the time to be constantly on time and regular with their posts. I have so much new music to find the time to listen, digest and file, then I need to decide what tracks I want to upload and then post. It is time consuming but ultimately rewarding when you see the finished article on the web and when you receive good feedback through the comments section.
So once again I have trawled the obscure 'Spunky Onion' world of the good, bad and the often quite ugly and below is what I found.

Lou Millet - Shorty The Barber (Find it on 'Date Bait' - On Buffalo Bop Label)

Charles K. Shields - Go Alabama Girl (Find it on 'Rebel Rockabilly Rock Vol 9 on the Jim Jam Label)

Otis Parker - They Don't Have to Operate (They Just Pull the Zipper) (Find it on 'Hixsville - we'll Have A Time,Yes Siree!' on the Jasmine Label)


Zombie said...

hey ...como estas... date una vuelta por

blankstares&cricketclaps said...

Another batch of beautiful mad hatched hens, great work.

Mark P said...

Just wanted to check in and say hi. Thanks for the recent posts. As always, good stuff!

S Machen said...

Otis Parker was my father and wrote and recorded this song when I was five or six years old. It was such a silly song the kids giggled every time we heard it. He worked at a very small radio station in Athens, GA and this song was played in entirety all day one day with no other song being played. Sounds strange, but true. He has since passed away but wrote and perfomed many songs which have all been lost at some point. I don't have any idea where this one was found. He was born and raised in TN and worked in the Radio business most of his adult life. Thanks, S. Machen