Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lookin' Like A Nut Nut

The great thing about music is that you often come across weird and wacky song titles, odd pseudonym's and stupid names for artists. So today I have picked a few that fall in these categories. Three come from the amazingly silly 'The Big Itch' series on Mr. Manicotti records and the others are classic mad Hillbilly from Cactus Records Rockin' Hillbilly volumes and the Grand Daddy's Rockin' series, which you can find if you look long and hard enough.

I have added a link for Gerry G 'Instant' Ralston whose 'Rock & Mole' was the flipside from his 'Mariposa' single from 1971.

Don Boots - Big Foot Annie (From Grand Daddy's Rockin' Vol 4)

Brother Zee And The Decades - Sha Boom Bang (From The Big Itch Vol 2)

Instant Ralston - Rock and Mole (From The Big Itch Vol 5)

Unknown Mental Case - Radioactive Flip Flop (From The Big Itch Vol 8)


garage66 said...

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Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Thanks Garage 66 we'll do look for the new link.
I like your Blog as well.

All the Best