Friday, July 25, 2008

Talking That Talk

After the anniversary celebrations let's get back to the more 'normal' style offerings. Let's start with Eddie Noack's version of Leon Payne's weird cult country song 'Psycho' later to be covered by Elvis Costello amongst others. Released on the K-Ark label in 1968 Eddie then drank himself to death ten years later in 1978. I really like the Ray Coleman track which was originally released on the SkyRocket label in 1959.
The following two tracks have been lifted from WFMU's Dave The Spazz show from March 2007. I haven't been able to find out anymore information on the artists as I can't get enough of the Snuff Dipper track by Malcolm Miller.
Here is a link to the show - go look !
Also I have re-opened my old Novelty Rock Emporium blog for a unspecified period please click on the link in the sidebar for great Spunky Onions type music including another Eddie Noack classic on constant rotation.

Eddie Noack - Psycho

Ray Coleman - Toodle-Oo-Bamboo

Malcolm Miller - Snuff Dipper

Farris Garland And The Pleasant Valley Boys - Preparation X


Mark P said...

I can't stop listening to "Snuff Dipper" either. Anyone who hasn't yet should head over to Novelty Rock Emporium for the Eddie Noack tune.

Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Glad you like it Mark - I would like to find out more about the track so maybe someone listening knows something about Snuff Dipper !
Keep listening Mark P

The R&RD

Anonymous said...

My uncle Malcolm Miller wrote and made a 45 of this song years ago. He still sings it at the Miller Family reunions every year on Monte Sano Mountaing in Huntsville, Al.