Saturday, May 31, 2008

If I Was A King

Well I said I might be absent for awhile and this proved to be the case but for the time being I'm back and I'm sure you haven't missed my posts too much and plus I've even got the tape going again so sit back and listen.
Today's artists all have some 'Kings' in their title, I begin with Maurice Guillory aka Clint West a long-standing South Louisiana Cajun rocker. Next is Ike Turner and I cannot add anything to the mountain of words already written on the man but suffice to say this instrumental is one of many he recorded from 1954-1964 on various labels including Sue, Flair and Crown records. The next group were from Melbourne, Australia and they released two singles in the mid-sixties before falling apart this track was their first. Finally we feature Little Hooks & The Kings who took on the name in 1963 and they also recorded for various labels in the sixties including Chess, Claridge and Little Rick records.
It's good to be back.

Clint West with The Boogie Kings - Night Train (From Promised Land:The Later Jin Singles on Ace Records)

Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm - Trackdown Twist (From Ike's Instrumentals on Ace Records)

The Jackson Kings - Watch Your Step (From Before Birdmen Flew Vol One on Vinyl Vengeance)

Little Hooks & The Kings - Jerk Train (From Show Me What You Got on Candy Records)

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