Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You Made Me Look A Right Charlie

A Right Charlie
Noun. An idiot. From the cockney rhyming slang Charlie Ronce meaning 'ponce'. E.g."You made me look a right Charlie when you told everyone about me getting so drunk last night."

Let's ask you all a question when you think of someone famous named Charles who would you think of....? Well let's see maybe Dickens, Darwin or De Gaulle, perhaps Bronson, Chaplin or even Prince Charles or Charles Rennie Mackintosh but Charles Ross or Charles Booker, I very much doubt it and I admit I wouldn't either but they are all here today at Spunky Onions giving us a fine eclectic musical taster and as an added bonus I have included a track by The Embers to neatly match with Charles Booker's song title too.
By the way today's main picture is from artist Charles Ray who was born in Chicago in 1953 and now lives in Los Angeles (USA). Ray's primary thematic concerns center around containment, integration, isolation, and self-sufficiency.........apparently (sorry Charles please excuse me) but what do I know.

Charles Ross & His Boys From Paris - Little Bit Lonesome (From Country Hicks Vol 5)

Charles Smith & Jeff Cooper - My Great Loss (Ashes To Ashes)

Charles Booker - Walked All Night (From Sun Records : 25 More Blues Classics)

The Embers - I Walked All Night (From El Primitivo: American Rock N Roll & Rockabilly)

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