Friday, September 14, 2007

Love's Got Me All Fancied In

Today's offering and the last for a week or so when I shall finally go on my overdue summer holidays can be found on the Flyright LP 'Louisiana Swamp Pop'.
King Karl was born on 31 December 1931 in Grand Coteau, Louisiana. He began his career as a vocalist as a teenager later he performed with Black Creole, Howard Brouss and the Musical Kings which also featured Guitar Gable. They recorded for Excello records at J.D. Miller's studio in Crowley, LA.. This group is considered the founders of a genre of music known as' Swamp Pop'. His other classic song: 'This Should Go On Forever' was a big hit for Rod Bernard in the 1960's. He released albums on many labels and he eventually moved to Arizona in 1992 sadly he passed away on 7 December 2005.

King Karl - Walkin' In The Park

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