Monday, August 27, 2007

Forever Young

Two tracks today that are totally different but yet remain the same song. I shall start with Rod Bernard's 1959 single issued on Jin Records from Ville Platte, Louisiana. This came out around 1959 and it's a great example of 'Swamp Pop'. You can find it in various Louisiana CD comps out there but if you want more of the 'Original Rod' then check out the Ace Records compilation 'Swamp Rock & Roller'.

Rod Bernard - This Should Go On Forever

So after Rod Bernard let's go straight into Ernie Uszniewicz's version, he is a tenor saxophonist from Detroit and this track is from the 1989 Norton Records release 'Direct From The Orbit Room'. Ernie is certainly a required taste because to many music fans his band probably make awful sounding records but to others he somehow makes us feel better whenever an Uszniewicztones track blasts outer the stratosphere. If you are totally moved to hear even more tracks by Ernie & his band then checkout 'The Twilight Zone' where you can find the whole album to enjoy.

King Uszniewicz And His Uszniewicztones - This Should Go On Forever

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Dgrador said...

Uszi rocks uh huh