Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Days Are Here Again

Well at last I'm back (no thanks to Hipcast).
I somehow stumbled back into my Blogs today and I was so overcome with emotion that I thought I would post a trio of instrumental 'fireballs' as I'm sure you have all missed me so.....much !
First off please give a big, big welcome to Hardin 'Hop' Wilson, the steel guitar maestro from Texas who recorded for both Goldband Records in Lake Charles, Louisiana and Ivory Records in Houston, Texas in the late 1950's early 1960's. He died in Houston in 1975. This track comes from the superb Ace Records LP 'Steel Guitar Flash' from 1988.

Hop Wilson & His Buddies - Chicken Stuff

The second track today comes from a band from Enumclaw, Washington who never released a record in their heyday but did go in the studio to record seven tracks over in the Pacific North West in 1964. They have now been issued on the Norton Records 2001 CD ' Northwest Killers 1960-1964'.

The Artesians - Monkey Chain

Last but not least are New Mexico's 'The Knights' aka King Richard And The Knights from Albquerque who released this instrumental in the mid 60's and this has been re-released in 1999 on Crypt Records 'Strummin' Mental Volume One'. The band led by two original members reformed in 1998 and recorded the album 'Surfin' The Web'.

The Knights - Tale Of A 280 Pound Shoe Salesman


Kat said...

How did you get hipcast to post? I am now in that mess you were in though I didn't change unti I got some reassurance that both were compatible. It's not happening for me.

Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Go into your Hipcast account find the your Blog in the Blog area. It is where you can edit or delete your Blog. Join your current Blog name to Blogger Beta. Then upload to your Blog if it works and it did for me you can they go back into Hipcast and delete your Blogger entry so you just have Blogger Beta working only.
Hope this makes sense good luck

Kat said...

Thanks, it does and I did. The blog is up and running!