Sunday, December 03, 2006

Better Than The Beatles

I must admit growing up in the frozen wastelands I was never a big fan of the Beatles. I remember staring at my dad's copy of Sgt. Pepper and looking at all the different faces on the cover and reading the lyrics but I was never that tempted to actually play it I was more fascinated by his copies of the first album by Creedence Clearwater Revival and Juicy Lucy's 'Lie Back And Enjoy It' on the Vertigo label. Of course over the years their music filtered in through many different mediums but I still never actually bought a Beatle's LP or single, I just heard them on the radio and sung along. So today I thought I would give my own special tribute to the Fab Four. These two tracks come from a fabulous 1994 collection 'Flabby Road' from Orange Records,USA. It contains 26 Beatle novelty songs and in my opinion these two tracks are the pick of the bunch. First up is Bluegrass singer Bill Clifton's 'Beatle Crazy', a Woody Guthrie style spoken word lyric that is clever, witty and enjoyable. I then follow this with The Bagels who include an awful imitation of their idea of an English/ Scouse/ Posh accent. The sound and idea is very reminiscent of the tomfoolery later performed by The Rutles. I know that Orange also released 'Flabby Road II' so there are most treasures to be discovered.

Bill Clifton - Beatle Crazy

The Bagels - I Wanna Hold Your Hair

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