Friday, November 17, 2006

Washboard, Rub - Board, Frottoir ?

A (Sort of...)Tribute To The Washboard
Mainly used in Zydeco, Cajun, Jugband and Skiffle over the years it's good to know I can find a place for this great musical instrument within at least one of today's two tracks in Double Shuffle No. 10. Let's start with Buck Mouhart who released 'Cajun Land Twist' on the Goldband Records subsidiary Tic-Toc Records and he has also released one album on Goldband no. FC-12136 that I can find.

Buck Mouhart - Cajun Land Twist

Big Joe & His Washboard Band - If You Take Me Back

The second track comes from a Document Records 2005 compilation. I have listed the personnel who played on the session below.

Big Joe and His Washboard Band (Kansas City Joe)
Kansas Joe McCoy- Vocal, guitar
Robert Lee McCoy- Harmonica
Ransom Knowling- Probably Bass
Amanda Sortier- Washboard, Vocal -1
December 14, 1940


mister anchovy said...

Washboards are great instruments, and there is quite a variety of them available in junk shops, garage sales and the like. However, I can't imagine a washboard sold as a 'musical washboard' to be much good for anything at all....I think the best washboards are designed for washing and the elite washboards are those that have endured years of abuse and neglect before being rescued. I have several kicking around the house.

Dan said...

The fidelity of this recording is amazing! I like the song, the sound of the artist's voice, and the beat. Overall, I give it a ten. I always wonder - wouldn't it have been cool to have American Bandstand around during these years? So much great music could have been heard. It may very well have changed the course of music history, and we may have avoided a ton of the crap we hear today.