Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Strange Kind Of Happiness

Well, I'm rested, refreshed and ready to post. So I shall begin again with Double Shuffle No 7. The first offering is by Jesse Lloyd "Jay" Stutes who first made his name as the lead vocalist and steel guitar player with Cleveland Crochet and the Sugar Bees. The group reworked several Cajun songs including "Sugar Bee" and "Drunkard's Dream" for Goldband Records, by adding steel guitar, a rock and roll backbeat, and English lyrics. In early 1961, "Sugar Bee" became the first Cajun record to break into the Billboard chart. Stutes later took over as leader of the band from Cleveland Crochet, and the band was renamed the Sugar Bees. They continued to perform until Shorty LeBlanc, the accordion player, died in 1965. You can find this on 'Swamp Gold Vol 5' CD from Jin Records.

Today's second track is from the compilation 'The Big Itch Vol 3' LP on Mr Manicotti Records (MM341). I think this is the same Tommy Bee who was a Native American from Gallup, New Mexico and who was a talent scout and manager at Lance Records in the 60's.

Tommy Bee & The Juareztones - Mexican Stretch


Kat said...

Welcome back! I hope it was a great vacation. You surely picked a perfect time of year!

mister anchovy said...

Is Sugarbee the same tune popularized by Boozoo Chavis?