Friday, October 20, 2006

Hey Joe Where You Gonna Run To Now

Apparently there are over 1000 versions of the song 'Hey Joe' so I thought why not post a couple myself. First past the post in Double Shuffle no. 8 are Dead Moon, Fred Cole's superb garage band from Clackamas, Oregon. A threesome they feature Fred on guitar and lead vocals, his wife Toody on bass and vocals and finally Andrew Loomis on drums. 'Hey Joe' was the B-side of their first 45' ' (A-Side Parchment Farm) on Tombstone Records in 1988 but it found it's way on their 1990 LP 'Dead Moon Night'. A fearsome live band they tour the planet on a regular basis.

Dead Moon - Hey Joe

Our second version of 'Hey Joe' comes from the 2002 CD on Gearhead Records 'Some Folks' by the Dukes Of Hamburg. A Garage Rock/R&B review from San Francisco performing cover versions of classics from the past including versions of 'Greensleeves' & 'Old McDonald Had A Farm' !. This was their first CD release as their 3 previous releases were vinyl only on Dionysus Records. Band members include Russell Quan of The Mummies.

Dukes Of Hamburg - Hey Joe

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