Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Heart Of Swinging London - Double Shuffle No 6

Our first track on this our sixth Double Shuffle offer was orginally a B-Side on UK Pye Records. They were an obsure Welsh group using a fine Hammond groove and name droppin' lyrics listing almost every popular face in London during the sixties. The Carnaby were a studio band project masquerading as an actual band, they apparently even pretended to work in boutiques on Carnaby St at that time. This was another release on Pye Records. You can find both on the compilations (see below) - 'The Go-Go Train' (Doin' The Mod Vol 1) & 'Jump And Dance (Doin' The Mod Vol 2) all containing rarities from the vaults of Pye.

Mike Stevens & The Shevelles - Go Go Train

The Carnaby - Jump and Dance

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