Monday, August 28, 2006

We're Gonna Dance Tonight

At last I get around to Mickey Hawks. He was born in 1940 in North Carolina. He joined forces around 1957 with Moon Mullins to form the Night Raiders. They signed to the Chicago based Profile Records after initially releasing the single on the Robbins Red label and this track was the B-Side of the single 'Rock and Roll Rhythm' (Profile 4002) that was released in Oct 1958. It reportedly sold thousands locally maybe up to 50,000 !
Further Profile singles included the brilliant instrumental 'Cottonpickin' & another great B-Side, 'Screamin' Mimi Jeanie'. Mickey performed regularly up until his death in August 1989. Once again you can find this track on the following compilation CD's 'Wild & Frantic' on Mr.Maestro records and 'Magnum Rockabilly' on TKO.

Mickey Hawks & the Night Raiders - Bip Bop Boom

Bip, bop, bip bop boom
Well, bip bop boom, you're the fruit of my loom
I said, bip bop boom, you're like a flower in bloom
Bip bop boom, I thought you're gonna be doomed
I said, bip, bop, bip bop boom

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