Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ooh ! Ooh ! - Do You Mind ? The Double Shuffle No 5

Today's Double Shuffle features two kooky tunes that certainly have the weird and the wow factor. First up is Bob Taylor's snappy cool instrumental that can be found on 'The Las Vegas Grind Vol 3' LP on Strip Records (No 003).

Bob Taylor - Wowsville

Secondly we have a George Ross & The Red Tops track that can be found on the compilation LP ' The Big Itch Vol 2', a memorial album for Joe E Ross. For those of you not familiar with the great man, Joe was Mess Sgt. Rupert Ritzik in Sgt.Bilko for many years and when that series ended he played Patrolman Gunther Toody in the show 'Car 54, Where Are You ?'.

Joe E Ross, Spunky Onions salutes you !!

George Ross & The Red Tops - Weirdsville

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Anonymous said...

Joe plays the bartender in a Frank Sinatra Movie called "tony rome" 1967, I guess he was a has been by that time