Monday, July 17, 2006

Going Back To The Country

It's time for the Blues and we all need to groove, so welcome Weldon H. Philip Bonner known as 'Juke Boy Bonner'. He was basically a one man band with an added drummer when recording. He recorded 'The Struggle' for Arhoolie records (no.1045) between 1967-1969 in Houston, Texas from where this track is taken. He had a hard life which was later reflected in the Arhoolie Juke Boy Bonner compilation 'Life Gave Me A Dirty Deal' in 1992 where you can also find this track.

Juke Boy Bonner - Railroad Tracks

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bigrockcandymountain said...

ok...this is i was checking my visits stats, i ran across yr site as a referrer....where you scooped me on Juke Boy Bonner by two days...i hang my head in shame. To atone, i'm gonna add you to my links, if'n that's allright with you.