Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Double Shuffle No 2

The first track is from the wonderfully eccentric one man band himself.....please meet - The Lightning Beat-Man !. This track is taken from his LP 'Apartment Wrestling Rock 'N' Roll' on Voodoo Rhythm records (VR12 02) and he is accompanied by the very aptly named 'The Never Heard Of 'Ems' combo. The Beat-Man always performed in a wrestling mask but he stopped his Wrestling Rock & Roll show in 2000 to begin performing as 'The Reverend Beat-Man'.

Lightning Beat-Man - I Wanna Be Your Pussycat
The second track of Double Shuffle No 2 comes from 'The Big Itch Vol 4' on Mr Manicotti records (no.343). It can also be found on a very hard to find LP (only 500 issued) titled 'Grab This And Dance' a compilation of 1964-1967 US Punk & Garage mainly from the Mid West on Spectra Sounds Records.
Rockets Combo - Topless A-Go-Go

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